Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cat population....

Camp Stanhope seems to have become the new 'gathering' yard for strays from our "Prairie" field around us. This is Noel hiding out one day last week while there were 'guests' in the part of the yard she likes. Poor wimpy Bogie just stays in, so that the mean kitties don't try and make friends (or fight??).

I'm not sure what we're going to do about the growing population of felines, because I don't WANT any more cats in the house, for sure! I'm also not sure how healthy some of these ferals are, and some are quite mean to each other.

The picture on the right is last Tuesday evening when we were coming back from Ames, over Little Wall Lake (by Jewell, not by Wall Lake). It was really peaceful and much prettier than the pictures ever capture.

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Anonymous said...

My mom now has 2 un-neutered males, plus the mom cat and 4 kittens, all hanging around her house asking for food. The other neighbors won't claim any of the cats as theirs, so we're going to try to catch them and get them fixed. The trapper/rescue people are supposed to contact me, and there's a free spay/neuter clinic for ferals. Hope we can get them all. Do you have anyone with TNR programs there? Sounds like you'll soon be overrun with felines otherwise!

Love that picture on the right!

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