Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

That's (Uncle) Johnny holding Izaac at Grandma Markey's Sunday afternoon in Des Moines. She (my mom) lives at the top of the hill from where the Highland Park and North Des Moines Little League fields are located. The ball parks were still under water yesterday (as were a couple of houses close to the fields) and that road was still closed, but the water is receding.

We had a relaxing day with food and bunches of desserts (okay, I thought there were going to be more people there, so I made two cheesecake pies, one chocolate, one plain to top with cherry or blueberry pie filling) and a lemon cake and chocolate brownies (just a box mix). On top of that, mom made apple and cherry pies! oh well.

The picture on the right is from the mile-long bridge over Saylorville Lake, which was surprisingly calm compared to what it's been for more than a week! It's still at record-high levels, but we haven't gotten rain (except for a few sprinkles) in 3 days, so it's very slowly heading back to 'normal'.

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