Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday morning, continued...

This kitten showed up on our deck (we're replacing the rotten boards on this deck, so it looks bad at the moment) yesterday evening, and cried and cried for its mom, but I'm not sure where or WHO she is.

The kitten had a round belly yesterday but we fed it some baby formula this morning and some dry kibble. It ate some but is still crying and very wary of us 'beans'.

I'm not sure what to do next. We've had "a" momma kitty "Mrs. 8:30" around the last month or so, but haven't seen her all week. Is she moving the kittens to the deck to live here? I hope she shows up soon. My cats don't have any idea what the poor thing needs (it seems to want to nurse anything that meows), so they're just a little freaked out about it.

Izaac also went home today with Samantha driving. Samantha felt really tired when she left, and when she got to Grandma Markey's- she got sick, too!! ouch. yuck. It's finals week for her Spanish class, too. They're meeting somewhere at 7am tomorrow morning with pictures of friends and family to share, so that could be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

awwww - poor little baby! makes our Lady want to cuddle it and take care of it. NO MORE KITTENS! that what we say about it.

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