Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pictures of the babies...

The 'tuxie' and the 'ginger' are a little more shy than the other three, and a smidge bigger, so I wasn't sure "Mrs. 8:30" was really THEIR momma. They're definitely hers, though, and they were all just nursing a few minutes ago on the patio (other side of the house from the deck).
I took a 45 second video of 4 of them gathering around her right before the nursing session it's posted on the flickr site. The 'runt' didn't make it around the house apparently, and momma went back around after a short family nursing session.

I got some dry kitten kibble and set it out in a bowl under the edge of the deck, so when it's raining and/or the wind is blowing, it's a little more protected. The top of the deck looks REALLY good since John spent so many hours scrubbing it and replacing more boards the other day.

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