Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Drive and outside cats settling in.

The picture on the right is of my friend, Kim, and her purple convertible. (She LOVES purple.) It was such a pleasant evening that she came over to pet the kittens (she likes the tuxie) and we discovered the ginger cat appears to be a 'boy'. I'm not sure about the rest of the clan yet.

We picked up LeaAnn and Janet and then went to Jewell to have ice cream! It was really fun. The picture was taken at LeaAnn's farm (with Dave and Rebecca and Kendra and their animals, too).

The picture on the left is Mrs. 8:30 and her brood having supper. They seem to be settling into their makeshift shelter, and I'm planning on working on a better one this week. Alex is supposed to come home for a couple of days working around the house, too, so that will be helpful. I have a big list for him already!

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