Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mrs. "8:30" trying to add more cats to my house...

This little kitten (left) was crying at us the other afternoon, and after she spent some time in the house we determined she was very sweet and smart, so took her to Des Moines so my mom could have a 'normal' cat. (They have the most unsociable cat I've ever known, but it had a difficult infancy life at another house.)

I thought that would be the end of it, but after we got home, Mrs. "8:30" (right picture) had deposited two more little ones under the back deck, and this morning, THREE MORE showed up! They're darling, but I HAVE ENOUGH CATS.... One is ginger-colored with white feet and a white v under its neck. One is black, with pure white clear to his knees on all 4 paws, and a white v under its neck, too. The other two are grey/black and one might be another calico, but the colors are more muted than in the first one.

If I was made of money, and could afford endless vet bills and food, I'd build them a little house on the property somewhere, but I'm NOT (made of money, that is...). I still have two kids in college and those loans aren't going away soon.

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